About Us

Maui Resin Designs is the vision of Andres Martinez created to utilize his 13 years of experience working with resin and fiberglass for a surfboard and fiberglass repair shop. After working for and becoming the owner of Ding King Fiberglass Works  on the Island of Maui, Andres wanted to take this experience and apply his design instincts and creativity into beautiful pieces that can be both functional and aesthetically pleasing.


Surfboards, Windsurf Boards, Foil Boards, we take all the experience from all this different watersports to make the best custom board fitted to your exact needs. All the boards are hand made on Maui, with the best materials for a great weight to strength ratio. 

Design Furtinure

Many of the Koa, Mango and Monkey Pod wood pieces are from local landscapers, tree trimmers or are reclaimed from trees being removed to prevent safety issues. It is the mixing of there two mediums that he finds interesting as a way of preserving that which otherwise might be discarded but where he still sees the beauty and history of the tree. Andres seeks to link each piece of furniture or artwork to Maui that evokes a particular place, moment or feeling. His love of the ocean and the beauty of our Island not only informs his work and feeds his passion to be creative, but is also reflected in how he chooses to make his living.